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Take a Bite Out of PETA!

PETA's tax-exempt status was granted by the U.S. government on the basis of the group's willingness to conduct itself in a lawful fashion. We believe that PETA has failed to live up to its end of the bargain, and that the Internal Revenue Service should cancel PETA's tax-exempt status.

No Federal Tax Increase On Tobacco!

Apparently "too much" is never enough. This latest stab at regressive, discriminatory and bullying taxation has already been endorsed by crusading legislators who long-ago forgot that smokers are citizens, ostensibly entitled to both equal protection and equal rights.
(Created by NYC C.L.A.S.H. and written by Audrey Silk.)

President George W. Bush:

Please stop the blame and understand that legal products like tobacco are legal. Instead of getting more money from taxing smokers, why not raise money by taxing other industries for a while?
(Created by and written by Samantha Phillipe.)

Attention all business owners suffering from a smoking ban:

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Cyber-Citizens Overwhelming Behind-the-Times Congress

"Congressional offices are struggling to handle a flood of e-mail messages from Americans, a study released today says. House offices get as many as 8,000 e-mail messages per month, and some Senate offices receive as many as 55,000. The overall number sent to Congress reached 80 million last year, reports the Congressional Management Foundation, a nonprofit organization seeking to improve the effectiveness of Congress.
The study attributed the increase to the ease of e-mail use and the efforts of grass-roots Web sites.
'I don't think Congressional officials were prepared for how rapidly this would grow,' said Rick Shapiro, executive director of the group. Mr. Shapiro said most offices took three weeks to respond to e-mail messages, and the report chides many of them for responding with paper mail. The best offices, he said, can send an e-mail reply in fewer than four days."
- New York Times, 3/19/01

Various Issues

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Smokers Rights Petition:
It is not right to punish the 98% of adult smokers on the pretense of punishing Big Tobacco.

Smoking Ban Poll Results:
New York State Conservative Party. Three in four voters WOULD allow some form of smoking in bars, lounges or nightclubs. Once and for all - the politicians went too far!

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